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4 Paces to Canoe Near Manchester, VT

While landlocked, the state of Vermont has incredible water-faring opportunities in its lakes and rivers. Looking to canoe near Manchester, VT specifically? The following places to canoe near Manchester will keep your paddle wet and happy!
a canoe waiting for a paddler

Wilgus State Park, Springfield 
With land along the Connecticut River and camping sites just miles away from Mt. Ascutney, Wilgus is ideal for outdoor activities both horizontal and vertical. 

Emerald Lake State Park, Dorset
A modest four dollars will gain you access to this picturesque lake and accompanying picnic tables, park store, and outdoor potties. Families love it here and you can watch people catch small fish or catch one yourself! 

Haystack Pond, Wilmington
This elevated water body requires a hike to get to it, so canoeing is probably unlikely unless you are a marathon portage pro (which you may very well be). However, to look out over the pond from the hike’s high point is a sure delight. 

Battenkill River, Arlington
Just 5 miles south of Manchester is the basecamp  of Vermont Canoe Trippers –– a superb canoe touring company who run trips on the Battenkill. Whether you want to float slowly down quiet waters, or get a thrill in the quick spots, Vermont Canoe Trippers can make it happen. Plus, they’ll pick you up at the end of the run. 

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