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5 Things You Need to Survive Mud Season in Vermont

Mud Season in Vermont is almost always true to its name. Around March or April, the dirt roads that were previously frozen with ice slicks or covered in snow begin to melt down and turn to muddy mires. This makes driving off the pavement difficult and taking a country walk a bit messier than usual. But fear not, with help from the fine purveyors at the Manchester Designer Outlets, you can outfit yourself with these five key items to survive Mud Season in Vermont. 

1. Muck boots from Overland Sheepskin Co. 
Keep those feet high and dry with waterproof and sink-resistant boots from Overland. 

2. Heavy socks from Eddie Bauer
Even inside sturdy boots, your feet are more susceptible to the cold and wet this time of year. Embalm them in some heavy socks from Eddie Bauer as a second line of defense.

3. Waterproof bag from Overland Sheepskin Co.
Because it’s a liquid and it’s everywhere, mud is liable to get all over you and your things. Protect your laptop and other necessities in a waterproof canvas tote from Overland. 

4. Gourmet snacks from The Vermont Bread and Cheese Company

In case you get stranded and have to wait for the mud to dry or for Triple A to arrive, you ought to keep your person and your vehicle stashed with tasty treats for sustenance. The Vermont Bread and Cheese Shop has both fresh and preserved bites you’ll be glad to find in the glove box.

5. Something to look forward to: A sundress or pastel shirt from J Crew Factory 
The most important item you need to survive Mud Season in Vermont? Something light and bright to lift the mood, of course! Easter Sunday is just around the corner, and Passover is coming up. Make sure to bring some hope and warmth to these occasions, and boost your natural goodwill with a sunny shade of cloth. 

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