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Graduation Dresses for Your Body Type

Graduation Dresses for Your Body Type
Spring and summer are major dress seasons. With graduation parties being the main event in the next few months, I wanted to share some tips on dress styles that will highlight, flatter, and become your "go-to" piece for the upcoming celebrations on your calendar.

Identifying what type of silhouette you have can be helpful when shopping to determine how to focus on your best assets. I found this helpful chart to give you an idea of what your body type might be:

Rectangle body traits- your waist, shoulders, and hips are all similar in size proportion.
Dress styles to look for: dresses with a sweetheart neckline that will give the illusion of smaller waist shape since it visibly broadens the shoulders.

Inverted triangle body traits- Your chest and shoulders tend to be wider and you have a narrow waist and hips.
Dress styles to look for: To minimize your chest and shoulders, look for a solid colored dress with a full skirt to balance out your frame. A flared hem will give you that volume to show off your legs.

Hourglass body traits- Your shoulders, and hips are in similar proportion and you have a small waist with a curvy bust. 
Dress styles to look for: A fitted top and waist will accentuate your curves. V-Neck and sweetheart necklines will help to slim down a curvy bust. Wrap dresses will flatter your figure and show off that hourglass shape.

Pear body traits- Your Hips and bottom tend to be bigger than your shoulders.
Dresses to look for- A sweetheart, scoop, or v-neck neckline will emphasize in a good way, your waist and help to balance out your proportions.

Apple body traits- Your shoulders and back are broader than your hips, and most of your body weight is carried in your torso.
Dresses to look for: V-neck necklines give the illusion of a slender torso. Try belting a dress at the smallest part of your waist to balance proportions. You can also try an empire waist which sits above the natural waistline made from a soft draping material that falls beautifully over your figure.

Whichever traits you relate to, know that the most important thing when shopping is to remember to try on different styles and colors to figure out what makes you feel good! There is no ideal body shape, only perfect dresses that highlight your unique and beautiful features. Be sure to check out the shops at Manchester Designer Outlets for a dress to accentuate your body type. 

About the author: Elana is the owner and creator of fashion blog Super Color Fashionistic and is a personal stylist and closet organizer. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, two littles, and their Yorkie Terrier, Tazzie. Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, or look out for her at the Manchester Designer Outlets.

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