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Spring Fashion Trends at MDO

Spring Fashion Trends
It's the time of year we have all been waiting for, SPRING! Any season that promotes more time outside with family and friends, flowers and trees blooming, school breaks, and a chance to hit the "reset" button is a great season in my book. There's something to be said about folding up and storing away the cozy winter sweaters and puffy coats we lived in for 4 months to shed them off for lighter weight fabrics, pastels and bright colors, and refreshing spring fashion trends. Shopping for the latest trends and styles outdoors this season can make for a great reason to stop into Manchester Designer Outlets and explore the beautiful places that surround this unique outlet. Check out some of the local restaurants, lodging, and activities that the Spring season offers by clicking here.

As for refreshing your Spring wardrobe be sure to keep in mind some of these spring fashion trends that will help amp up your spring style:

1) Pattern and color mixing- rules tend to go out the window in a good way with this 2016 style trend. You can successfully accomplish this look starting with a patterned top and a solid colored bottom like this look here from NYDJ. Another way to update your spring style is with similar colors yet different patterns. Example- a floral blazer over a striped tee shirt paired with your favorite denim. Trust me, it works and will give you that spring pep in your step.

2) Neutrals with a splash of color. Example- white jeans, a beige lightweight cardigan, a white button down blouse, nude shoes, and a beautiful pastel bag like the one pictured here from Kate Spade.

3) Bright colors! It's so simple, grab your favorite jeans, shoes, and just add a bright colored tee shirt and scarf. There are always "trend colors" that are big for each season and for 2016, there is a big focus on blues and oranges. If these happen to be your favorite colors, you're in luck. You'll find them often featured in solids and patterns in many different stores.
4) Spring and Summer usually mean vacation time. If changing up your wardrobe isn't something you're concerned about, think about sprucing up your travel/luggage and hiking gear. They are things you probably tend to use often, and investing in pieces that are distinguishable on a luggage trolley or out in mother nature is always a good thing. Check out some of the gear featured at Tumi and New Balance shops at MDO. Happy shopping for your spring fashion trends!

About the author: Elana is the owner and creator of fashion blog Super Color Fashionistic and is a personal stylist and closet organizer. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, two littles, and their Yorkie Terrier, Tazzie. She is always in search of a "good find." Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, or look out for her at the Manchester Designer Outlets.

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