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What To Get People for Valentine's Day

Get creative and impress your lucky receiver this Valentine's Day with the help of the Manchester Designer Outlets.

"It's the thought that counts."  Not the most creative quote, but so true. A gift always has a bit of thought behind it, but on Valentine's Day putting extra time into how you present, wrap, and give a gift can take the day from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Let's take perfume for example. The Cosmetics Company Store carries a range of fragrances that would make an ideal Valentines Day gift. Don't just wrap it and give it to that special woman in your life, here are a few ideas on how to amp up the delivery:

  • Wrap it in a recycled brown paper bag and write a special note in black sharpie on the outside of the wrapped gift. She'll melt that you took the time to write her a note AND get her a gift. (stuck on what to write? Google "love quotes" and you're good to go!)

  • Take it out of the box and simply tie a ribbon around the bottle and place it in her medicine cabinet the night before Valentine's Day. This way, she'll start her day off with a thoughtfully placed gift, and a scent that will remind her of you the entire day. 

​Now let's focus on a Valentines Day idea for him. Anything outdoor oriented is usually a sure win, and The Eddie Bauer Outlet is the perfect place to find that gift. What about camping gear?! Grab a couple sleeping bags or anything he would be able to use hanging out with Mother Nature. Ready for the delivery? Pick a place he (or you both!) can take the camping goods, get creative here- it doesn't have to be a camping ground if that's not your thing, but remember this is HIS gift. Maybe it's a cute bed and breakfast in Manchester VT! Print out the google image of the location/destination and color a heart around the map. Use it as part of the wrapping or make a card with it. 

A Vday card

Other romantic gifts could be a luxurious robe from Yves Delorme, or stop by the Vermont Bread and Cheese Company and get fixings to make your own cheese plate for a cozy night in with Netflix. However you and the one you love decide to celebrate, enjoy and I leave you with my favorite romantic quote that you can use on your wrapping paper: "To love and be loved is the greatest joy on Earth."

Elana is the owner and creator of fashion blog Super Color Fashionistic and is a personal stylist and closet organizer.  She lives in New Jersey with her husband, two littles, and their Yorkie Terrier, Tazzie. She is always in search of a "good find." Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, or look out for her at the Manchester Designer Outlets.

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