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Southern Vermont Hiking: 4 Manchester, VT Hiking Trails to Explore this Fall

Southern Vermont hiking trails near Manchester, VT, for you to explore. - Read More

The Equinox Resort and Spa

Find luxury in the center of picturesque Manchester, Vermont - Read More

5 Reasons to Visit Vermont this Spring

Do you want to experience Vermont in a way only Vermonter's know about? Here's a secret that very few people know: Spring is the time of year when Vermonters head to town and enjoy everything that visitors enjoy during the peak seasons. - Read More

Hildene: The Lincolns in Vermont

One of the most popular attractions in Manchester, Hildene is a Georgian Revival mansion built on 500 acres of some of the most scenic land in all of Vermont. Hildene offers self-guided and guided tours of the house, grounds, gardens, walking trails and farm. Cross-country skiing trails are open to the public throughout the winter. - Read More

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